I said I had backups

When I first set up my raspberry I said I wanted to have backups working before I started deploying anything. And this is what I thought I did and I explained it here.

I thought it was working fine, things were uploaded into the bucket and I was happy.

When a couple of weeks ago I moved docker data to the external hard-drive in order to reduce the load of the SD card I fucked up something and I had to restore the DB of miniflux (it was the only one that got the DB corrupted). I thought I had daily snapshots so I’d have lost just some data, not too bad.

When I run autorestic restore and opened the miniflux.sql I found: error while making the dump. Container not found.. My reaction was “fuck me!”.

This experience reminded me that you don’t have a proper backup in place until you tested that you can quickly restore it. So next time I should have tried to restore it before calling it a victory!

Btw, now it works. I fixed the backup script and tried a restore. The data is there :)